The Failsworth Cenotaph and World War One

ambualnce-failsworthFailsworth is a town that also helps demonstrate the fact that even the most obscure and small towns in England were affected by the horrors of World War One. There’s a cenotaph that was constructed in the year 1923, and it is dedicated to the two hundred Failsworth soldiers who fought and died in World War One. It should be noted that small towns like Failsworth tend to be very strongly affected by the loss of even a few citizens compared to big cities.

All deaths are tragic, and all deaths are going to have a huge affect on any local community, as well as individual members of that community. However, in a town that already has a small population, a relatively small population decrease is going to have wide-reaching effects. The town of Failsworth managed to lose a lot of able-bodied men as a result of that catastrophe, and many individuals within the town were going to have to struggle in order to pick up the pieces.

Failsworth is a relatively obscure small town, but this cenotaph tends to get more visitors around Remembrance Sunday. The legacy of the people who died in World War One has not been forgotten, thankfully enough, even though the war has passed out of living memory. World War Two is undergoing the exact same transition now, which is all the more unfortunate. However, it seems as if people are collectively trying to make sure that the most brutal wars of the twentieth century remain part of humanity’s collective memory, hopefully so they will not be repeated in any capacity.

Towns like Failsworth are certainly doing their part admirably. The people that travel to England in order to visit sites like these are doing their part just as surely, since they are sending the signal that there is still plenty of public interest in the history of World War One, as well as the victims of World War One.