If you look at old photos of Failsworth, United Kingdom you realize just how old is this historical little town. People reminisce about how things were in the old days but those days are not fast disappearing. The town retains its bygone era charm. The Failsworth historical society does its part to keep things intact. Modernization is not about to ruin this very special town.

For those new to the place, Failsworth, a township and an ecclesiastical parish in in Manchester civil parish (it is in fact four miles NE of the city), Lancashire. The township lies on the Eochdale Canal. The population is stable at 10,425. The chief industry is cotton spinning, but cotton and silk weaving and the manufacture of hats are also dominant. If you can procure one, you will indeed have something special. It seems like a very suitable industry for this antiquated place. Now the English do love their hats and they find them in out of the way places. Custom-made is the order of the day in Failsworth.

The lifestyle is befitting an old historical town. There are many customs and traditions that have been handed down through the ages. People value the past and revere what has been preserved. A walk through any neighborhood confirms this impression. Life just seems to go on and on. Oddly enough on one of my jaunts about the vicinity I spied the best hot tub I’d seen in my life in someone’s back yard. It seemed like such an anachronism. A bit of modern suburbia overtaking the quaint traces of yore. It was smack dab in the center of a brick backyard and not on a lawn as would be expected. I saw a group of kids splashing about enjoying a hot summer day. The water in the tub was being replenished with the garden hose. There must be some kind of heating element inside to keep the water toasty warm befitting the name of the unit.

A hot tub? Why not. A hot tub is not restricted to the environs of big cities with flashy backyards. Small towns have their recreational needs, too. It is not enough to run through the sprinklers. Such touches of modernism don’t hurt anything. It is not like they are ubiquitous or have transformed the town. It would be more jarring to see fast food restaurants and chain stores.

Given the hot summer day, I am sure the hot tub is the local attraction for neighborhood kids. You know there isn’t going to be any kind of public pool in town. Kids may use the one at school, however, if it is open. But I think they prefer being together in a friend’s yard with his mom serving snacks. In this regard, Failsworth is not unlike any other town in the summer when kids congregate outside. I would be surprised to see a few more hot tubs appear in other parts of town. Historical or not, a town grows over time and becomes a reflection of some modernization. A hot tub is certainly one modern convenience I can see repeating itself from time to time.