Hi everyone. Henry here again. Hope you are enjoying the blog so far. I know I am having a lot of fun writing about it and being able to show you a side of England that you might never think to see. Smelling the virtual roses, so to speak. And a good thing, too, because otherwise you’d miss out on all kinds of good things. Today I was thinking a lot about small town pride. A place like Failsworth deserves to have immense pride in itself.

It is a small town but it has been showing an impressive amount of steady growth. More people are realizing that it is a nice place to live, with the ability to connect to the larger parts of Manchester through the metrolink with ease, giving immense flexibility when it comes to working and family life. A place like Failsworth has all the benefits of living in both a small community and a thriving metropolis at the same time. I really feel that it represents the best parts of England in a small package that is both historic and wonderful, and not to be missed.

I think that being part of a small town like this changes your mentality in ways that set you apart from those who live in bigger and more populated areas, especially with spaces in the town that are critical to either its fame and/or history as well as its continued success. A company like Failsworth Hats, for example. I am sure when you see it from the street, Failsworth Hats doesn’t look like it would be home to high-end fashion pieces, stylish and trend-setting quality headgear as well as basic and more traditional articles of clothing. It can be hard to reconcile those white exterior walls with the slick, glossy pages of their catalogs.

But knowing something like that has the ability to change your viewpoint on something. Yes it does seem peculiar to basically have a town founded on hats, but that is what Failsworth has done. And done well! It’s true. Look around on the internet for genuine Failsworth hats and see what I mean. They pitched in for the good of country when necessary, they were able to adapt to changing times and markets, and they take pride in their business practices, their products, and also in their workspace. It is tremendously heartening to know that a company that has been around as long as Failsworth Hats understands its place in the community and strives to continue to advance the lives of everyone that works there.

The exterior of Failsworth Hats is a no-frills white color that manages to look both historical and sturdy, professional yet inviting. It is very much in keeping with the rest of the town. There is so much that can be said about the upkeep, too. It must take the best paint sprayer available to get the walls coated so professionally and efficiently. It is such a wonderful display of pride that bright white walls can inspire others to do the same, whether it be their own homes or other areas around town.