Small Town Safety

Small town life is ideal, but it shares some similarity with urban centers. Even small towns where everybody knows your name are plagued with some degree of crime. This usually takes the form of petty burglary in both commercial and residential spaces. It may be in broad daylight or at night. Even if past history is sparse, anything can happen in the future of course. New people move into town or existing residence attract bad seeds. Who knows! The problem is there lying under the seemingly peaceful surface.
Because guns are legal when purchased according to local law, and because they make people feel safe, they are often the first choice of protection against thieves. Sure, you can install an alarm system, but it is costly if it is effective. People also fail to turn them on and off, forgetting their presence. If you are really concerned about robbers, why not have both!
If guns are your option, you will no doubt have some kind of in wall gun safe for storage and personal safety for yourself and your family. There is a high level of responsibility that goes with owning a gun no matter what type. You don’t just stash it anywhere in the house or garage and forget about it. You will want a place that is designated for weapons, usually a small to medium metal box if you only own one or two pistols for example. It will have a combination dial, electronic, or keypad lock. It should be kept in a strategic place that you can access in a flash should an intruder suddenly and surreptitiously arrive on your premises. Of course, you always want to think twice before exposing a gun in that it might instigate unnecessary retaliation. It is sometimes a tough choice to make and depends on the prevailing circumstances.
Gun safes bar the wrong people—mainly children—from access. They furthermore shelter the gun from theft, fire, and water damage. The latter two threats may be combined as firemen have been known to wield heavy duty hoses to douse an interior blaze. It may land smack dab on your gun safe. These safes have multiple purposes. For now, let’s just say that they are receptacles for small town security.
Selecting a gun safe will depend on the size of the weapon you own and its likely placement. Some are wall mounted, some are freestanding, some are below cabinets. People put them in bedrooms, dens, garages, and basements. It depends on available space and whether or not you want it to show as a kind of public deterrent. This is more true of commercial enterprises where an invading robber could view it and know instinctively what is inside.
These days you never know who is going to be armed. Armed robbery is a greater crime in most towns and implies that other people—mainly store owners and families—are present. It is extremely threatening and shakes you to your core. Once this experience has happened to you, a gun no doubt will soon be in your environment.