Happy Birthday, Dad!

Have you ever wracked your brain for the perfect gift for your father? Was money no object? That makes the selection much easier of course. You have a world of possibilities if you are committing, say, $1000 or under to the item. You can get cool car accessories, a mini weekend vacation, a new deluxe tool kit, a new hunting rifle or fishing pole, and last but not least some of the best mens watches for under $1000. Even if your dad has one, if it is his birthday, you can update it with something really special. As for me, I am thinking a gold watch since he only has one of those large waterproof sports watches right now.

A gold watch isn’t just a retirement symbol these days. It is a gift of love and luxury that many cannot afford. Concord makes a sleek, modern and elegant one for men. Okay, it’s French and not English. We are not talking about gold tone here, but the real thing. It won’t wear out like the imitation watches. It is built for a lifetime of use. Most people have more than one watch and for dress, there is nothing like gold. I won’t settle for the gold plate as this birthday of dad’s is a milestone. It demands a costly present that will remind him of me every time he wears it. I have to say that the Concord gold watch for men is over my budget and runs about two thousand. However, I found a discount jewelry store on a visit to New York, a city known for its diamond/jewelry district where everything is wholesale. I got a heck of a deal as I had hoped.

When dad’s big day rolled around I got the watch wrapped and ready. The family was gathered and it was time for cake. The candles glowed in the dim light of the dining room and my father was poised to blow them out. He did it swiftly and then cut the festive cake. After about twenty minutes, we were finished and it was time to open gifts. I wanted mine to be last. He got a new drill from my mother, a new electric shaver from my sister, and new golf clubs from his brother. Now it was my turn. I put the small gift in front of him and nodded a signal to open it now. He obliged me and was ecstatic. He clearly loved the watch and put it on the left wrist in a jiffy. He was beaming. He said that I was so thoughtful to add an inscription on the back. He would treasure the watch forever. He thanked the entire family for their offerings and said it was time for champagne. Indeed, it was. We were all in a great mood, especially dad, and we moved on to sip the wine and tell family stories.

We had planned a successful birthday to remember, one out of the ordinary to be sure. After everyone went home and I turned out the lights, I sighed a breath of relief. Everything had gone off perfectly.