Tourism by Bicycle

Small towns in the UK shouldn’t be missed. Sadly they are. People don’t know about them and the contrast they make with urban areas. Tourists flock to London first and foremost which I can understand. The city is glorious with world-renowned landmarks not to be missed. I don’t need to name them here. You need at least a week to see the sights. You only need a day or two in Failsworth to experience the draw of village life. But you might become so relaxed and happy that you want to spend a couple of weeks. The comparison of two extremely different locales is worth making. Only this way do you get to know the real United Kingdom. Find an available bed and breakfast inn and you are all set for the time of your life. You can get to know some wonderful people who will cater to your every need. Our inns are comfortable and offer lovely gardens in which to sit and read.

If you like to walk, there are scenic views all around, not to mention the quaint heart of town with one-of-a-kind shops and eateries. Taste the local food and you will know what an English breakfast is all about. Tea time is important so get a spot early at the local tea shop. If you haven’t had Earl Grey, you haven’t lived. Our scones are home-baked and go hand in hand with delicious clotted cream. Jams made from local berries are divine. You will want to take some home.

There will be time to take a bike ride with On Road and Mountain to see the countryside and scrutinize the array of typical English cottages that dot the land. Feel free to lots of photos and post them on Instagram. We could use the publicity as we welcome tourists all the time. The best time is in spring or summer when we have festivals and special events. If you want to visit a nearby village, rent a touring bike that has a storage compartment. You might want to stay overnight. You can go for miles and enjoy the changing scenery and the special qualities of each area.

Bikers know what to bring when they plan to spend considerable time on a bicycle. It is not about exercise after all, but having a colorful adventure. You never know who you will meet along the way to your final destination. I suggest you bring bottled water and a head covering for the sun. You will say cooler this way. A compact umbrella is a must in case of a sudden, unexpected downpour. In this regard, a plastic fold-up poncho is a biker’s favorite. You don’t want to load up too much, but a snack is easy to stow. A protein bar or a few biscuits are all you need to quench the hunger while you wait to arrive at the next town for lunch. Leave room in your compartment for gifts you want to buy.