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Keeping Our Town Tidy

morrisons-spillageFailsworth is a charming little UK town and needs no introduction for those who live in greater Manchester and the environs. It is but a stone’s throw away at 6 kilometers from the city center. It is easy to reach and a joy to visit. However, given the attraction to tourists, we want the place to look tidy and rubbish free. We do a bit of pruning and clearing to keep up appearances. Not surprisingly, a bit of housekeeping is in order in many areas to keep things looking pristine. You can’t really go around with a cordless vacuum to the clean up the streets, but you can watch where you toss your refuse of the day. Let no man find a piece of trash, an abandoned cigarette, a paper coffee cup, or a tissue blowing in the wind.

This town in Lancashire has a rich history beginning with its agricultural days at the time of its founding way back in 1200. It grew beyond farming over time into three distinct hamlets, adding weaving and textile manufacturing to its revenue stream. Along came the Industrial Revolution and the road to urbanization was well trod indeed. The booming mill town produced goods from the new large redbrick plants. Now it is known for hat-making and silk weaving as an offshoot of the former main town trade. Cotton spinning is also to be found which, with the other industries, keeps the town alive.

If you google Failsworth you no doubt will get articles on the regional hats. The headwear is casual or formal. The town supplies the world by email request with a range of toppers in old world styles going back to 1903. There is nothing quite as distinctive worldwide. The proud company is known as having “an unquestionable heritage and an eye on the future.” Visitors relish viewing displays of fine workmanship and attention to detail. They are perfect for anyone from the avant-garde to the man in the street. You can opt for trendy new versions or the traditional felt. Fabric is always in high demand.

While it once had a population of 14,000 in 1901, now it is a thriving town known for its landmark Failsworth Pole, actually a maypole on the site of previous political poles of note. It is also home to Daisy Nook a lovely country park that we also like to keep clean as a whistle to show off its luxuriant expanse. People who have pride in their town know not to clutter and therefore mar the green vistas. It is a wonder of tidiness and tending.

There are some picturesque village woodhouses along the eastern boundary of the town and some have even housed noted poets and writers like Benjamin Brierley, born and bred in Failsworth in the late 1820’s. The town also boasts a town hall and cemetery. You can wander amid tombs and well-cared-for (i.e. clean) patches as you see fit. If you like canals, find the Oldham Canal near the eastern border and the Rochdale at the northwest.

Traveling to Failsworth and the Rest of the United Kingdom

ticket3People have all sorts of things in mind when they want to take a trip in order to see the United Kingdom. Plenty of people want to see London. London is one of the most popular cities in the world for a reason, and it will continue to attract people from all over the world. The United Kingdom is not as powerful as it once was, but it is still a world power, and people that love history will see landmarks wherever they go when they visit the United Kingdom in general and London in particular.

Many people feel as if a visit to the United Kingdom would be incomplete without visiting all of the most famous landmarks of London. Most people only have so many opportunities to travel on a regular basis, and they want to make the most of those rare occasions. There are plenty of people who have lived in London all of their lives without seeing all of it, so traveling to London is certainly going to make for a very fruitful journey.

However, some people have a very different visit in mind when they are planning a trip to England. They don’t want to see the most famous cities in England. They may feel as if they’ve already been there, given the focus that the rest of the world has always had on London. Many films set in England are specifically set in London, as are most of the other stories set in England. Some people that want to design their own individualistic English vacations would rather visit the small towns.

Fewer people are going to visit the small towns of England. The people that decide to go down that road are automatically taking the proverbial road less travelled, which is going to appeal to the more individualistic travellers that are out there. They can come back home with holiday pictures of obscure places that no one has ever seen before, which is going to help their photo album stand apart from the photo albums of others.

Many people blog about their traveling experiences these days. The people that blog about famous locations will probably still be able to attract a lot of interest, but a lot of their posts are going to be reminiscent of the posts of others. It’s difficult to say something truly original about London. So many people have gone there, and so many people have travelled down these same roads on multiple occasions literally and figuratively.

The people that visit Failsworth will be visiting a town that many people outside of England have never even heard of, which is automatically going to make the trip more special to many travellers. Even many people that love English culture won’t have heard of Failsworth, so the people that travel there are going to impress even the most dedicated fans of English culture. Failsworth has managed to hold onto the many ineffable qualities that make a small town a small town, and it is an authentically English small town.

Plenty of English traditionalists have gone back and tried to construct small towns that are reminiscent of the traditional small agricultural towns that they are too young to remember. When it comes to Failsworth, they don’t need artifice. These traditionalist people can see the real thing when they go to visit Failsworth. People who are interested in history can see the real thing. They don’t have to watch a modern person’s interpretation of the past in order to get some approximation of it when they travel to the town of Failsworth. Failsworth has been changed with time just like everything else. Conservatives would need time machines in order to get around that fact in any area. However, Failsworth is a clearer window into the past than many other modern small towns.