78 Roman Road built through Failsworth
668 Newton Parish formed, which included Failsworth
1066 William of Normandy won his battle and was crowned at Westminster Abbey, unusually Roger de Poitou allowed a Saxon Thane to retain his estate – Failsworth
1212 Failsworth spelt Faileswrthe
1292 Failsworth spelt Fayllesworth
1320 During the Survey of Mancheser, Failsworth’s boundary ran across Nuthurst to Wrigley Head
1377 Permission granted to enclose Woodhouses to prevent game escaping
1416 Medlock Hall (now Daisy Nook Garden Centre) was built, although the earlier barn is dated pre-norman
1501 Failsworth spelt Faylsworth
1572 On October 21st, Four Men where tried for allowing their cattle onto Newton Heath without a license.Failsworth spelt Fayliswurthe
1573 Newton Chapel built
1594 Plague at Cough House
1598 Enclosure of Failsworth Common
1609 Hardman Fold (now Lane) first recorded
1616 First Constable appointed for Failsworth
1617 King James I visited Lancashire and permitted the erection of Maypole (is this the first pole?)
1624 Two Constables appointed for Failsworth
1631 John Hardman of Failsworth was offered a Knighthood but he refused and was fined £21
1632 Trust fund set up by John Gilliam for the relief of the poor
1660 Size of Failsworth 611½ Acres
1663 Only 50 families in Failsworth
1690 Dob Lane Chapel officially opens
1715 Failsworth Riot, due to the Jacobite rebellion
1735 First toll gate erected on Oldham Road
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed overnight at Bulls Head Public House, Oldham Road
1749 Riots in Failsworth, caused by shortage of bread
1750 Chapel at Clayton Hall demolished
1757 Mill at Clayton Bridge attacked by mobs
1763 Population of Failsworth 1353
1770 Failsworth Lodge was built by Captain Birch‘Old Caravan’ Public House at Wrigley Head lost its license for harbouring highwaymen
1786 John Wesley opened a Methodist Church at Wrigley HeadSunday School built at Pole Lane
1788 80 Children being though in Sunday Schools
1793 First ‘Political’ Pole erectedPetition signed by all but 20 in favour of war with France
1794 Crime Valley filled with water, at 54 deep it submerged two houses
1795 Hollinwood Branch Canal opened. In the summer of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee a steamboat named Pioneer sailed the Hollinwood Basin to Crime Lake. The venue became a local joke, lost money and failed (an early Millennium Dome!)
1798 Clayton Vale print works opened
1802 Elijah Ridings, writer, born 27th November at ‘the Hollow’, Oldham Road
1804 On 21st December the Rochdale Canal opened at FailsworthNew Oldham Road opened
1811 Bethel Chapel opened on Oldham Road
1819 Battle of Peterloo – Many from Failsworth and Woodhouses killed or injured
1825 Just 9 Public Houses in Failsworth and WoodhousesLadies boarding school at Failsworth Lodge openedOn June 26th Ben Brierley was born at ‘the rocks’

First Cotton Mill built in Failsworth

1829 Bull Baiting banned in Failsworth, a good six years before it was made illegal
1831 Ashton and William Worrell executed at Lancaster for the murder committed at Streetbridge
1834 10 Public Houses in Failsworth
1837 New Sunday School hall built on Ashton Road
1839 Firs Mill built
1840 Failsworth View, two houses on Oldham Road was erected (nr speed camera)
1841 Sunday School built on Wickentree LanePopulation of Failsworth 3879
1844 St John’s Parish created
1845 First stone at building of St. John’s Church was laid10 Public Houses in FailsworthRushcart built in Failsworth, drawn by 12 horses
1846 Parish of St Marys formed (Catholic)
1847 Jerusalem Church built on Oldham Road
1849 1st Failsworth Pole blown down
1850 2nd Failsworth erected
1852 Bay Horse Hotel was known as ‘Shotover’, after the horse which won the derby that year
1858 Walmsley workers strike took place to obtain better working conditions in the Mill
1859 Failsworth Industrial Society formed
1861 Population of Failsworth 5113The Cotton Panic, little work or food in Failsworth
1863 Failsworth Local Board formed
1865 St Marys RC Church was opened on Oldham RoadFirst Macedonia Church was opened on Holt Lane
1866 Meteors seen over Failsworth
1868 Fixing of street names signs on most roads and streetsIrish Riots in Failsworth, statues broken at St Marys
1880 New Railway line through Failsworth opened
1881 Population of Failsworth 7912
1869 New Jerusalem Church built on Oldham Road
1872 Great floods caused much damage
1879 Spire added to St Johns Church
1880 Clock added to St Johns ChurchCouncil offices built on Oldham Road costing £2,600Shakespear Woods, an eminent sculptor in Rome was born at Oldham Road/Broadway, Failsworth
1889 3rd Failsworth Pole erected
1892 Failsworth Hats begin manufacture
1894 Failsworth Urban District Council formed
1896 Failsworth Sewage Works opened costing £60,000Ben Brierley dies aged 70
1900 Mortuary erected to the rear of Town Hall
1901 Population of Failsworth 14152Size of Failsworth 1072 Acres
1903 Proposed amalgamation with Manchester unsuccessful
1908 Stables and Cart Shed erected at Sisson Street for up to 12 horses
1909 Carnegie Library opened on Oldham Road at a cost of £3000, donated by the Carnegie Trust
1912 German Pilot named Hamel flew over Failsworth, many were of the opinion he was a spy
1913 Council offices were altered and extended
1914 Daisy Nook Easter Fair ceased due to the outbreak of war, reopened in 1920
1920 14 Mills still in use in Failsworth
1921 Population of Failsworth 16973
1923 4th Failsworth Pole erectedHigher and Lower Memorial Parks openedFailsworth War Memorial opened
1931 Population of Failsworth 15724
1939 Failsworth UDC owns 206 houses
1948 The College of Heralds had granted a Patient of Arms to the Failsworth Urban District Council for the Failsworth Crest
1946 Failsworth Hats move to Gladstone Mill
1950 4th Failsworth Pole blown down
1954 Limehurst and Woodhouses amalgamated with Failsworth
1958 5th Failsworth Pole erected, and still standing!
1962 Robert Sidlow Library opened on Main Street at a cost of £25,000 donated by Robert Sidlow
1963 Council offices extended to take over Carnegie Library
1964 New St Marys Church opened on Lord LanePopulation of Failsworth 21000
1966 Total residential buildings in Failsworth 7820
1971 Population of Failsworth 23230
1973 Failsworth twinned with Landsberg, GermanyGrave stones at St Johns were removed due to subsidence
1974 Failsworth amalgamate with Oldham MBC
1989 Failsworth Pole designated a Conservation Area
1990 Jerusalem Church on Oldham Road demolished to make way for a car park, wall remains
1991 Population of Failsworth 20999
1993 Stone seat place at the Pole to mark its 200 year anniversary
2000 M60 Motorway built
2001 Failsworth and Hollinwood Area Committee formed
2002 Jubilee Tree planted at Failsworth Pole and Broadway to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee
2004 New Health Centre opened off Ashton Road West
2006 Ben Brierley Statue presented to Failsworth by Councillor Jim McMahon and John Crompton (Failsworth Historical Society)
2006 Failsworth Pole Garden refurbished at a cost of over £400,000